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Plants @ Cambridge



Plants @ Cambridge is a new home-on-the-web for all the research, discovery and education work that Cambridge University academics do with plants.

We highlight the botany and plant sciences work of the Department of Plant Sciences (including the Herbarium and Crop Science Centre), the Department of Biochemistry, the Botanical Garden, Sainsbury Laboratory, Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme, Conservation Research Institute, Synthetic Biology Interdisciplinary Research Centre and the Global Food Security Centre.

We’re also reaching out across the university to connect with researchers studying plants in other disciplines (history, economics, law, engineering for example) to grow a network of practitioners and participants across and outside of traditional research groupings.

The site has three aims:
• To showcase the breadth and depth of botany/plant sciences research and development at the university.
• To demonstrate how this work informs and fosters positive change.
• To encourage greater participation in botany and the plant sciences.

The site is managed by a network of communications practitioners from each of the partner initiatives and departments in a new community of practice.